Miscellaneous Species and Hybrids

SIZE CODES and APPROXIMATE Times to Blooming
CodeMeaningShould bloom within :
bsblooming size6 months
or previously bloomed
nbsnear blooming size12 months
lslarge seedling18 months
msmedium seedling24 months
sssmall seedling30 months or more
MT- prefixMounted
OG- prefixOvergrown
Mature plant size terminology
(excluding bloom spikes)
micro-miniunder 2 inches
( miniature )
2 to 6 inches
compact6 to 10 inches
( intermediate )
10 to 18 inches
standard18 to 30 or more inches
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Chysis laevis

Seldom-seen exceptional Chysis species.

Description : Up to twelve large, fragrant, waxy, golden flowers, lightly overlaid orange on segments. Prefers moderate to bright conditions. Mature plant size is compact, blooming 1+ times/year.
*** Limited ***

nbs 35
Malaxis ophrydis 'Cloud's Chameleon'

(syn. Dienia ophrydis) Seldom-seen jewel-type species.

Description : Spikes of many yellow flowers that mature to rich burgundy. Makes a eye-catching display. Prefers low to moderate light. Mature plant size is compact, prolonged blooming 1+ times/year.

bs 30
Max. tenuifolia

The very fragrant 'coconut-scented' orchid ! (seed-cross)

Description : Very easy to grow, reddish-brown flowers, shown off nicely against the graceful, grass-like leaves. Prefers moderate conditions. Mature plant is compact, extended blooming 2+ times/year.
Easy to grow, recommended for beginners.

ms 15
ls 20
Maxillaria variabilis

Select breeding for this charming species (seed-cross)

Description : A hybrid of solid-gold and solid-maroon forms, resulting in bicolors and russet sunset shades. Prefers moderate conditions. Mature plant is miniature, blooming off-and-on throughout year.

nbs 25
Phaius tankervilleae

'Cloud's Whalias' x self (F2) (seed-cross selfing)

Description : Majestic spikes of large, starry, dark-bronze flowers with reddish-purple lips for contrast. Prefers moderate to bright conditions. Mature plant is standard, blooming 1+ times/year.
Actual parent is pictured (seed-cross).

ss 15
Thunia pulchra

Rare and showy species from Thailand (seed-cross).

Description : Clusters of large, beautiful, white flowers with frilled, colorful, rose-purple/rose/gold throats. Prefers moderate conditions. Mature plant is mid-sized, blooming extended 1+ times/year.
*** Limited ***

ls 25
Vanilla imperialis 'Niagara Parks'

Very rare and showy Vanilla species. Can make vanilla beans.

Description : Very large, ivory/light-green flowers contrasting with the rich, rose-purple lips and gold throats. Prefers moderate conditions. Mature plant is standard, blooming over an extended period.

ss 55
Vanilla planifolia

This is the real vanilla orchid !

Description : Vining growth habit. Flowers are ivory to lemon and only last a day or two. Likes moderate/bright light and ample moisture. Good for windowsill or solarium culture.

ss 50
Vanilla planifolia (yellow-variegated)

Pretty variegated mutation of this attractive species.

Description : Just as robust a grower as the usual form, with generous chartreuse/light-green stripes in the leaf. Prefers intermediate to warm conditions. Can bloom frequently once vines are over 6 feet long.
*** Limited ***

ss 55

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