Oncidium Alliance Species and Hybrids

SIZE CODES and APPROXIMATE Times to Blooming
CodeMeaningShould bloom within :
bsblooming size6 months
or previously bloomed
nbsnear blooming size12 months
lslarge seedling18 months
msmedium seedling24 months
sssmall seedling30 months or more
MT- prefixMounted
OG- prefixOvergrown
Mature plant size terminology
(excluding bloom spikes)
micro-miniunder 2 inches
( miniature )
2 to 6 inches
compact6 to 10 inches
( intermediate )
10 to 18 inches
standard18 to 30 or more inches
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Goodaleara Pacific Truffle 'Surrogate Star'

Wils. Lisa Devos x Bllra. Tropic Splendor (mericlone)

Description : Large ivory stars, heavily marked mocha/burgundy, lip suffused wine with yellow crest. Prefers moderate conditions. Mature plant is mid-sized, blooming extended 2+ times/year.

nbs 25
Maclellanara Yellow Star 'Golden Gambol'

Odm. Cornelia x Brsdm. Gilded Urchin (mericlone)

Description : Sprays of starry, canary-yellow flowers, heavily flushed and marked russet. Lovely display ! Prefers moderate conditions. Mature plant is mid-sized, blooming extended 2+ times/year.

nbs 25
Onc. Mendenhall 'Hildos' AM/AOS

Butterfly x papilio (awarded mericlone) [syn. Psychopsis]

Description : Vigorous butterfly orchid hybrid. Rich, golden-yellow flowers boldly marked with brick-russet. Prefers moderate/bright conditions. Mature plant is compact+, blooming very extended 1+ times/year.

ls 25
Tolumnia Sniffen

Irene Gleason x Golden Sunset (equitant oncidium seed cross)

Description : Cheerful bright-yellow flowers, heavily marked with russet for contrast. Lovely display ! Prefers moderate conditions. Mature plant size is mini, blooming 2+ times/year. Mounted.
*** Limited ***

MT-ls 25

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