Group : Leafless
Covers these genera : Chiloschista (Chsch.) , Polyrrhiza (Pza.)

General information for this group :
Most members of this group require similar conditions. They are easy to grow and bloom when provided with the right environment. Some species will occasionally develop short-lived small leaves which are soon shed. Primarily these plants consist of masses of roots clasping to the mount surface. They are excellent terrarium candidates for the mid to upper levels, since this environment addresses many of their key needs.

Light :
Moderate to low light is preferred by most species.

Temperature :
Intermediate temperatures, like those in the average home suit most of these plants.

Media :
They tend to resent sphagnum moss, and will not typically attach to pads of it. Place them directly on the bare wood for best results. Some examples of mounts that work well are lilac, non-oozing fruit trees (like apple and cherry), grape, and cork. Polyrrhiza also enjoy just growing amongst strands of live Spanish Moss, since this helps to trap an envelope of humidity around the plant.

Water :
Only use rainwater or dehumidifier water for these plants. Since the roots have taken over photosynthesis, they will not tolerate being coated with any mineral residue.

Fertilizing :
These are very light feeders, so only fertilize during their active growth period (determined by the root tips). Use a properly balanced orchid fertilizer with a 3:1:3 or 4:1:4 ratio, applied at 1/4 strength at the most.

Blooming :
These plants can bloom at any time of the year, but most frequently during the spring and summer months.

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